Sunday, June 05, 2005

Flower Power

One of the Mole's burrows came precariously close to spoiling the new flowerbeds linking UH to Main Campus.

Mole heard that this ‘art’ cost the best part of 2 million quid to install. Mole thinks that seems a lot for a couple of ditches full of dirty water and a smattering of plants; mole could have burrowed around that area and done his own ‘artwork’ for a lot less, leaving the University free to spend its 2 mill on more pressing matters like making the library half decent.

Perhaps the next student recruitment drive could be towards those of a porcine constitution? There might be a simpler explanation: perhaps, for all of his large house and fancy ways, that our own delightful Vin de Pays (a lot) is secretly a crusty and longs for the heady days of the Seventies, musicfestivals, free love-ins, and mud slides......

Still, at least the University doesn’t have a track record of being stitched up by fly-by-night characters. I mean, only a complete mug would give 60 grand to some charleton to spill paint down the walls, I mean, p-lease….


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