Thursday, June 30, 2005

IT services; start as you mean to go on.

Moles, we would all agree, are fiarly low down the food chain. It appears, however, that IT services are even lower.

Mole remembers sitting in a lecture theatre on the first day of the new term back in Oct 2004 watching lectures struggle as the WHOLE U of W IT network collapsed in front of his eyes.

It now appears, however, that IT Services have trumped that ace.

University-owned temping agency UNITEMPS was apparently the victim of identity theft meaning that over 10,000 students now have to deal with the fact that their names, addresses, dates of birth and bank account details have been stolen by person or persons unknown.

Nice work IT Services!

Mole thinks that heads should roll!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Trouble up mill

The day after the Warick Mole reported on the demise of Warwick Hostilities catering outlets, it appears that there was a massive U-Turn.

It appears that there is trouble up mill; why else would the registrar intervene on commercial matters affecting the University?

We hear that David Vin De Payes (a hell of a lot) is off soon. We understand that the Commercial arm of U of W is currently rudderless and now we hear that the Registrar is intervening on decisions as to where one can buy coffee on Campus.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Better Services Planned by Warwick Hostility

Incest, internet mouthpiece of UH reported today that Warwick Hostility is closing the Humanities and Westwood Cafés next week.

In announcing the closure, which will affect many loyal customers, Hostility were quoted as saying, 'Further developments and improvements to Warwick Hospitality products, services and outlets are planned'.

Watch this space...

Monday, June 06, 2005

Invasion of Penguins

Mole was rather shocked when he saw what appeared to be several hundred penguins milling around outside the SU.

It turns out that they were in fact Coventry Poly students dressed in DJs out for their Final Fling. Mole was surprised that the guys from the Poly would spend over 50 quid for a night at the rather tatty Warwick SU. It turns out, however, that their intended venue (a grubby tent near Coombe Abbey) proved unsuitable and they were forced to relocate at the last minute.

Lets hope Warwick’s Final Fling doesn’t succumb to the same fate.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Flower Power

One of the Mole's burrows came precariously close to spoiling the new flowerbeds linking UH to Main Campus.

Mole heard that this ‘art’ cost the best part of 2 million quid to install. Mole thinks that seems a lot for a couple of ditches full of dirty water and a smattering of plants; mole could have burrowed around that area and done his own ‘artwork’ for a lot less, leaving the University free to spend its 2 mill on more pressing matters like making the library half decent.

Perhaps the next student recruitment drive could be towards those of a porcine constitution? There might be a simpler explanation: perhaps, for all of his large house and fancy ways, that our own delightful Vin de Pays (a lot) is secretly a crusty and longs for the heady days of the Seventies, musicfestivals, free love-ins, and mud slides......

Still, at least the University doesn’t have a track record of being stitched up by fly-by-night characters. I mean, only a complete mug would give 60 grand to some charleton to spill paint down the walls, I mean, p-lease….

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Naomi jumps for joy

naomi jumps for joy

The University are very happy to be hosting the International Youth Games next month (see It was set up with the vision of 'promot(ing) peace and friendship through sports to the world's youth'.

The 6 metre high posters advertising the event seen round campus and featuring pictures of a girl hurdling are non other than Kenilworth School girl Naomi.

Naomi is a talented athlete competing not only for Kenilworth School but also the Coventry Godiva Harriers (

Sadly, it appears that the mean-spirited Coventry City Council won’t let Naomi compete in the Games because her parents pay their council tax to Warwickshire and not Coventry…

Shame on you!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Vin de Pays puts his foot down

Moley was snuffling around the recently completed Heronbank accommodation blocks the other day when he noticed the road running from the Sports Pavillion to Scarman House was big enough to run busses down. It seemed a shame that it was bollarded off and was being used as a service road.

Mole has heard a rumour, however, that this new road was indeed earmarked for the X12, and 12 bus route but that University leader David Vin De Pays got wind of the fact that his house would be on a major bus route, and was not amused.